I’ve been struggling trying to find a heavier graphite shaft for irons, but couldn’t get their with my budget. I settled for the Nippon light steel offerings. Some of the Nippon offerings are on back order. I’ve used every forged Maltby heads thus far from the MMB to the KE, and now the ST2. I’ve got quite the collection in my small workshop. Often I’ve shimmed but use shafting beads as well. Every product has come from Golfworks Canada. I don’t think I ever received a head I didn’t like. Even some of the cast heads feel pretty good.
Team that up with some prosoft inserts, 5/16 dowling, and even cork, I’ve reduced vibration, and finally got to a feel comparable to graphite in a steel shaft. Perfect. I’ve made a few sets for folks with the very economical FST shaft and have happy customers.
My only wish is that I would’ve found Golfworks a number of years ago.

Thank You Golfworks.com and Golfworks Canada for making our game so enjoyable with knowledge and professionalism.


Britt Lindsey Answered question September 2, 2020