Playing a Callaway Mavrik for the past couple of years with a UST Comp 65 R flex shaft. Happy with it, but looking for a bit of a change. Found a Maltby shaft MA0288 R flex in my inventory that was pured awhile back (Jan/Feb 2020) when I was experimenting with Pure/FLO/Spine. Finally decided to put it into play this past week. Glad I did, a few more yards off the tee (avg 8 yards, shaft is about 20 grams lighter), can feel the head turn over and definitely straightened out my fade. Not sure if it’s because of the puring, or if it’s just a great shaft. Sometime in the future, I’ll pull it, find an unstable plane with the laser, reinstall and see how it performs.

Britt Lindsey Answered question June 24, 2022