Good evening (day)

I am considering purchasing a gap and sand wedge to compliment my recently purchased Mizuno JPX 9191 forged irons with ESX 460 Recoil shafts. However, I wonder whether the heavier steel shafts might feel too unbalanced, I am a senior golfer – playing off 5. If I bought a pair of wedges I suppose I could get the shafts changed, at some considerable cost no doubt, or get fitted for a pair with Recoil shafts if they make them for sand and gap wedges. Are there any other options?

Many thanks in advance.

I believe in matching wedges to irons. Personal preference. That being the case, Golfworks could probably build you a SW and GW with the ESX 460 recoil shafts and FGT heads for around $75 each. Remember also most of us us a GW for full shots into the green.

Pretty reasonable…