I just placed an order for the 60*/6* Max Wedge. I’m considering bumping the loft to 62% to create a greenside paintbrush that’s capable of various finesse shots.. I’ve read that the bounce will also increase by that same amount which I definitely welcome as I do like to open up the face on certain shots. My question relates to how such an adjustment might impact the playability of the wedge. I understand that the wider sole really plays a part in the forgiveness and actual effective bounce of the club.. or how the club interacts with turf, sand, etc. So I’m just wondering if the adjustment will do that which I hope for, which is increasing loft and bounce, while maintaining the same playability and possibly increasing the ability to open the club face a little more, or am I forcing the club to do something that it is not intended to do, therefore decreasing the overall effectiveness of the design?

For reference, I play the TSW 56*/12* and love that I can lie it wide open and have it still sit somewhat flush to the turf. I’ve been recently having some good fun with a Callaway PM grind 58*/11* and wanted to find something with a similar (minus the pointy high-toe) profile, full grooves, and a decent amount of workability AND forgiveness and it seems like the MAX wedges kind of fall in that category but I’m just concerned that I’ll be missing something with the lower bounce.

Final question, I’m in AZ where a lot of our turf is harder than most, and the bunkers at most city courses are hard-packed and require a whole different technique than a standard bunker. Would the sole on this wedge benefit or hurt in this case?

Thanks as always!

Britt Lindsey Answered question April 20, 2022