Any change to the Maxfli golf ball line up for 2023?

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Rlafoone Selected answer as best December 14, 2022

I did last year. Tour X. I came from Snell MTB-X. Before that it was the 80 compression TaylorMade urethane ball. I probably need to buy some Tours and play them against the X’s. I’m a high speed player and like the X’s for flight control but I’m not big on that hard feel and I think it’s affected my putting. But they’re quality balls, the MaxFlis.

I think Rlafoone is asking if Maxfli is adding new ball models and/or changing/updating their balls for 2023 , like Titleist and others do every couple of years, as in “New and Improved”.

Thanks Whitey. Exactly what I’m asking. Been playing the tour & tour x since they came on the scene. Work well for my swing.