I am currently playing a set of Callaway X2 Hot (6-AW) leaving my KE4-S irons in the shop. I hit both equally well, but I get more distance with the Callaway’s. I have bent the KE4-S irons to the same specs as the X2’s in regards to loft. The KE4-S fly somewhat higher and I’m wondering if RCOG and VCOG is why I’m losing distance (approx 5-7 yards).

I notice that the RCOG is extremely low and the VCOG is very high as compared to KE4-S Irons.

I have the standard Regular flex Callaway shafts in the X2’s and Wishon S2S white Regular flex in the KE4-S irons.

Note also, that I’m a high handicap and hit shorter than most – 7 Iron X2 goes about 120 yds carry, KE4 about 115 yards.

Thoughts on this?