I previously asked the question about tip trimming the MPF Pro Series DR to S++ or XS as my swing speed is between 110 – 114 but fairly smooth. My follow up question is how would this shaft would perform on the Cobra King LTD head? I currently play it at 9* Neutral and @ 44″ weighted to D4. The shaft I currently have is the UST Elements Chrome tipped to S++ that came with the driver when I bought it. The shaft seems to be decent but I’m noticing a much better dispersion and distance with a 45″ driver so I’m thinking the “shorten the driver for more accuracy/distance” may not apply to me.. oh and I’m also 6′ 2.5″ so a hair taller than the average Joe. I realize I’m making the comparisons with other drivers that have different forgiveness characteristics but in general, but it just seems like I’m making better contact in general.. I’m looking to take it back to 45″ and drop to D3. My miss these days is a straight pull to the left so I’m trying to eliminate that. I guess I just need to know if I’d have good results with this shaft, or if I should just add an inch to my current UST.. or if there’s a different recommendation you can make in the sub $50 range. I know I’m asking for a lot here with the budget price tag and a high-performing shaft. Other shafts that I’ve used that seem to work well for me are: Fuji Motore Speeder 661 XS, PX PXv 6.5, Aldila Tour Green S++. Just wondering if the MPF Pro has any similar characteristics to shafts that I’ve previously used or any others on the market.. or if it’s a whole different animal.