I’ve got a Nakashima Hybrid head #2, older model. I figured this would logically be a .370 OD, but to my amazement it’s .335. (I know!).
It’s a great head. I have a Maltby regular hybrid shaft, and a Maltby regular driver head in the shop.
I could shave down the .370 to fit, but I really do think it’s a stretch.
I have a .335 Maltby driver shaft, but totally unsure if I could use this for a #2 hybrid. I could trim for a 5 wood shaft, then butt trim.
yup, totally lost on this one. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I know the minds on the forum can help me out.

– Bill

Rlafoone Posted new comment June 11, 2022

No answer, but I think you will trim according to head weight of your hybrid as compared to a fairway wood.
.335 is not uncommon for older hybrids. All my snake eyes were. 335 ID. Not enough metal in the walls to hold up to a .370 reamer.
I’m sure Britt wl know. He may have been with Golfsmith when the snake eyes hybrids arrived.