Any new clubs on the horizon for Maltby?


todpod Answered question November 6, 2021

This was posted by Britt July 12th

We have three new models in the works. One will be a new KE4 Ultra Game Improvement iron with weight the external weight for adjustment. Another we have will be progressive cavity forging with tungsten weighting and it will be our TS3 model. I would call it a players cavity with Super Game Improvement playability. Both of these should be available in spring of 2022, but lead times are really hard to predict right now. We have a new muscle back blade that tentatively will be the TS4 and will be a players blade profile and will have high playability as well. Not replacing the TS1, but will be in that same “blade” category. It’s more of a replacement for our MMB-17, but still fits in the TS line-up. It might be summer of of 2022, but I am pushing for spring. It is a little further behind in the development.

Excited about all three for sure. The TS1 and TS2 will continue next year. They are too good. I think the TS2 would be a great purchase. True it will not be the newest in the line come spring of next year, but it will still be a flagship model we will continue to sell.

Thanks for the interest and support. We really appreciate it.

Britt Lindsey

Any left-hand options planned for the new clubs?

No new LH options at this time.

Britt Lindsey

I could see a nice blended set with the TSW wedges, muscle back TS4 for the short irons, TS-1 for the mids, and so on, and many permutations thereon.