Hello there, first time posting on this site. I’m a 70 year old golfer, just starting again. I have a set of Callaway apex pro clubs, that were given to me some years back. I would like to have a senior shafts put into them. I have a slow club head swing around 92.What would be a good and not expensive shaft to put in there ?

Britt Lindsey Answered question March 29, 2021

I would assume the 92mph swing speed pertains to your driver. That being the case, I would estimate that would put you into an R Flex iron shaft. I would recommend going to this link and answer the questions: https://www.golfworks.com/mpf-shaft-worksheet/a/496/
This would put you in the ballmark for the correct iron shafts.
Personally, I like the UST Mamiya dhi series Graphite Iron Shafts (.370 tip) and Paderson makes a bit more expensive shaft Kinetixx TS-1 (.355 tip) that would work well. Also, UST Recoil 660’s can be ordered in .355 tips also. I believe your Callaways have a .355 hosel and would need to be reamed out to accept the .370 tip.

I was fitted with a 49 g super leggera r flex shaft for my driver. I thought my 7 iron was the 92 club head/swing speed …not 100 % sure.

92 mph 7 iron in our age group is impressive! I’m a real wimp! I suggest you go to the link I suggested, that should point you in the right direction.

I’m a little bit of a wimp as well….just don’t have the speed any more. I check that fitting shaft site and came out with 3D1M and they could not find any shafts that would work.

Curious how far you carry your 7 Iron.
If you have a 7 Iron swing speed of 92mph, you don’t need senior flex shafts.