I wanted to let those who frequent the forum that we are launching a new website and operating system starting tomorrow and running through the weekend.  There will be a time when the website will not be accessible, starting sometime tomorrow morning, around 10:00 am EST.  We are hopeful the new site will be accessible after a few hours.  Orders that are taken after tomorrow at 10:00 am EST will not ship until Monday January 30th into Tuesday the 31st.  You should be able to place orders on the new site starting tomorrow after 12:00 noon, but those orders will not ship until at least Monday as well.

We ask for you patience as we go through this process.  Of course there will be glitches, I am sure, but hopefully they will be minor and we will be running effectively, if not smoothly, starting next week.  The new site is going to be quite an upgrade once everything is in place an operating at 100%.

As always, we greatly appreciate the support.

Britt Lindsey

Britt Lindsey Posted new comment January 26, 2023

Chance for a free set of TS3s for the first 100 purchasers on the new site? :)

Nice try (Ha). Let’s get the new site up and running and then see what might happen.

Britt Lindsey