I bought these with the thought that the 7DX heads would be better than the 3DX? They came with uniflex steel shafts and I hit them 20 meters shorter than the 3DX hybrids with sr2 graphite shafts, would the 7dx be better than 3dx if I put the sr2 shaft in them? I ask because the R7 Driver shaft suits me very well, in fact I played yesterday and and didn’t find the rough once never happened for so long I can’t remember it.

I don’t want to pull any shafts if you think it’s unlikely to be of benefit, I asked a club Pro if he could hit my R7 and M3 driver and tell me what the difference is between them and he said no. I can feel a difference but no idea what the difference is, is it possible or would it require pulling each driver to pieces to work it out?

Rlafoone Answered question November 18, 2020