What is the main difference(s) between the NS8950GH and 950GH iron shafts (R) flex? Does one play stiffer than the other, what about tip flex? It looks like weights are identical – would putting the 8950GH in the 4-6, and the 950GH in the 7-PW be OK? If not, what issues would I run into on the course? Thank you –

Britt Lindsey Answered question March 16, 2021

Shaft d36 d31 d26 d21 d16 d11 Butt Freq
Nippon NSPro 8950GH R 201 240 287 358 495 782 279
Nippon NS Pro 950GH R 202 236 281 350 463 788 282
Frequencies measured from Tip with 454 gram weight
Profiles look very similar as do the weights. Balance pt is very close also.
I doubt if I could tell the difference, course I kinda suck!
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Thank you – I thought they were close, and read that the 950GH played slightly firmer and w/ maybe a bit lower ball flight. It looks as though these numbers support that …