Read a small thread regarding the new TSW DRM wedges. It appears that adjusting the loft by two degrees would change the offset by .040″ (1*/.020″). Would this be a close enough estimate for most

adjustments on any wedge or iron?

· 22 days ago  

Interested in the DRM finish, but wondering why the offset varies so much within the TSW wedge range. For example the 54* has twice the offset of the 56*, and the 58* is nearly double the 60*. I usually play a 54 and 58, but don’t like offset in wedges.


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  1. JimY 
    · 22 days ago  

    The manufacture that made these wedges started with 50, 54 and 58 degrees wedges. They adjusted the 50 to create the 52. They adjusted the 54 to create the 56 and adjusted the 60 to create the 58. This is why the offset move around.

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