I M restoring some hickory clubs and building a play set. I am measuring lofts and weights to ensure I am building and restoring the clubs I need.

I picked up a golf works Ralph maltby 14 inch swingweight direct read fulcrum scale on eBay. I know… should just bought a new one.

i an somewhat perplexed on using it.

To explain better what I purchased it is the scale that has the slanted v under the grams side of fulcrum. I slide club in and was able to read grams by sliding the weight.

i am perplexed on how to get the A-G rating weight. I guess I would but the weight on the grams to zero and move another weight on The a-g side but I only have 1 weight. Am I correct I was shorted 1 weight or am I am idiot on how to use it. Anyone know where I can buy a weight for this if I need 2?!