I’ve always been a tinkerer and wanted to get into repairing my own clubs. I have ordered some supplies and have some old clubs ready to practice with but I am looking at workbenches to mount all of my equipment. I’m curious if anyone has experience on what the smallest workbench size that is still practical and comfortable to work with clubs. My initial guess is a bench that can fit the full length of a driver is sufficient but I am limited on space in my garage and don’t want to undersize my bench and have to deal with moving equipment back and forth to work. if anyone has any recommendations let me know!


T Brandt Posted new comment April 27, 2022

Rlafoone, my shop is amazingly similar to your shop. Every nook and cranny
used for storage & inventory and my 3 work benches for layout, set up, and assembly. Even the the same entry doors and the rafters used for extra storage.
Just had to comment after seeing your pictures.
Always appreciate your comments, T Brandt