I’ve been playing a Ping G410 driver for the last few years and really like it but that KE4 TC Max has my attention.  I have the Ping Tour 65 S in my 410.  The internet (which is never wrong) tells me that the Tour 65 in stiff flex is 61 grams and 3.4′ of torque.  Looking at the Nxt Gen NV Green 65 S is says the weight is 67 grams and the torque is 3.5′.  I could always go out on eBay and find a Ping shaft, but just curious if the NV 65 would be close.  I am guessing it is close enough that I would never be able to tell the difference.  The only “unknown” is the balance point, but I can always adjust the weight in the KE4 to achieve the desired swingweight.  Anybody smarter than me have any thoughts that would confirm or blow my theory out of the water?  I’d appreciate anybody’s input.

statechamp Answered question January 26, 2023