I am starting to collect some old (very old) iron sets circa ’70’s and 80’s,  simply want to try play with the clubs I used when i was a kid so I can see what the difference is,  PGF brand some of you may know they were a world class Australian manufacturer.   The shafts may not be up to it, rust will be a problem.

I know these heads are pinned, removing them isnt so hard, I had watched the Pro do it many times.

  1.  Why were clubs pinned in the first place,  was it just because the glues back then were not up to the job?
  2.  Is it practical to not use a Pin to replace the shaft – how would one go about filling the holes?  I guess one way might be to replace the pin without the shaft, then drill out the pin.
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see below from previous answer from Britt:

Britt Lindsey6.84K Posted September 22, 20221 Comment
We would heat the hosels slightly and then punch the pins. With the right punch and some needle nose pliers removing the pins is usually not too much of a problem. You can also go down the shaft with a long drill bit and drill through the pins, the punch them into the hosel and the remnants will fall out when you remove the head. We generally would not replace the pins. We would just fill the holes with epoxy. Pins were used because the epoxy was not as good as todays. No need to pin the hosels with todays epoxies, but we can if the person simply wants them pinned to be in their original state. We might touch the holes up with some paint or use some color in the epoxy to blend.

Britt Lindsey

Great, thanks. Dunno why i didnt find that myself when i searched, maybe i cant spell Pin.

lol…very good :-)