Let me apologize in advance for the long winded question…  I’ve spent some time on Trackman in the last few weeks getting ready for the season.  Looking at my driver numbers I am wondering if I am missing out a some carry distance.  I’ll give you numbers from my last driver (which was fit in 2013) for reference

2013 Ping G25 – SS 105.2mph  Ball 156.8mph  Smash 1.49  Launch 13.2′  Spin 2597rpm  Carry 260.9yds

2023 Ping G410LST – SS 108.2mph  Ball 156.6mph  Smash 1.45  Launch 13.0′ Spin 2547rpm  Carry 262.3yds

I know that Trackman had issues with G410 when it first came out and was inflating clubhead speeds but I would assume firmware updates would have corrected that by now.  My 5 wood speed is 101mph and 3 wood is 103mph so 108mph seems reasonable to me but maybe I’m just trying to inflate my 50yo ego!  Looking at the optimal launch & spin chart from Ping I appear to be pretty close.  If 108 is correct I guess I need to work on my strike because I would hope with an extra 3mph of speed I could gain more than 1.4 yards.

I know that the G410 is bordering on antique at this point but does anybody know if that trackman issue still exists?  I am fighting the urge to buy the KE4 TCMax but these numbers seem really good to me, I just wish I could sneak a little more carry out of it.

theblake7 Answered question February 27, 2023