Why do I hit the r7 better than the m3,12 years difference in technology so in theory the m3 should perform better in all respects but it doesn’t.

I’ve used the same purple ice stiff graphite shaft in both heads hitting 50 balls at the range with each head, I’d like to keep the m3 but I won’t because the R7 has much better dispersion. I tried a i20 ping head with the purple ice shaft and it’s better as well, is this some weird anomaly or I’ve got a lemon m3 head.

I bought the m3 from a train’ee pro who won a long drive competition in NZ, could it have worn out lol?

Britt Lindsey Answered question December 18, 2020

you have a plethora of adjustments on the M3, more than I have on my Callaway Mavrik which has 16 combinations. I hit almost two hundred balls over 3 days to find my right combination.
Also, make sure you don’t have a crack in the clubhead. I’ve read where there have been instances of this occurring.

Ahh maybe that’s it, anyway I’ve sold it for what I paid 2 years ago so I’m ok. Put it down to experience and try something else later, will use the r7 ping i20 until I feel like trying something else, appreciate your comments… happy holidays to all..