Sorry for the long question.

Last year I purchased a new Cobra Speedzone King SZ, 7 wood directly from Cobra.  The club came with a Cobra proprietary Mitsubishi Tensei AV Series 65, R flex shaft.  Should I re-shaft the club or keep the existing shaft and add a shaft extension?

I got fitted for woods and irons several years ago.  The fitting went well. Currently I play a Mitsubishi C6, 50 Series shaft in my D, and Mitsubishi C6, 60 Series shafts in the 3W & 5W.

Is the Mitsubishi Tensei AV Series 65, R flex shaft that is in the 7W a close match to the Mitsubishi C6, 60 Series shafts in my 3W & 5W?

I hit the 7W well, with a slight draw. However, I have to play the ball further back in the stance in order to get consistent contact. I hit my 3W & 5W mostly straight.

The 7W is a little short for me so do I re-shaft or add a shaft extension.

Rlafoone Posted new comment March 30, 2023

Try swapping shafts with your 5w if it’s a cobra adjustable head. That might give you an idea if it’s shaft or length issue.
Regardless, a couple bucks for an extension and a grip is the way I would go if the shaft performs fine.