I ordered these irons with KBS Tour 105 stiff shafts (parallel).  Club head speed has slowed, so I ordered the same shafts but in Regular flex and just installed them.  However, I noticed a couple issues that left me puzzled.  Firstly, when removing the head and peeling off the ferrule, there appeared to be some sort of plastic shim at the top of the hosel.  Is this a special TaylorMade ferrule/shim that they use for their irons?  And I also noted that the hosel was recessed for a collared ferrule.  I used a 61 PI ferrule as it was about the same length as the stock one.  Hope this ferrule works

The issue that most concerned me was the tipping requirements for KBS shafts.   Before cutting I compared the old and new shafts.  The new shafts have a 10″ parallel section but when I compared it to one of the existing using the last step as a guide, it would appear that the parallel section is only 8.5 ” in length if the TaylorMade folks used the same tipping codes.  Did KBS change the parallel length of their shafts?  Also,  it was apparent that the parallel section of the assembled clubs are much shorter than it would be using the new shafts and tipping code and would also cause the shaft to be much stiffer if my reasoning is correct.  I always thought that the PSI’s were stiffer than my previous clubs.  So, did the folks at TaylorMade make a mistake in assembling these clubs or is my reasoning incorrect?  I did use the trim codes in the GolfWorks catalogue and butt trimmed to the same length.  Playing tomorrow with the re-shafted irons and hope they perform well.

I hope I explained these issues clearly enough and I look forward to your comments.