If you were a fan of the M Series + be ready to have your socks blown off.

The new Max Milled first of is so darn pretty to hold in hand. It’s gorgeous. It’s easy to see the lineage to the M Series but to just a whole new level. Shorter hosel was a nice touch.

Feel wise these are just silky smooth. Sole glides through soggy muddy turf with ease. Ball seems to just leap off the face. Couldn’t wait to hit another ball.. and another.

Can’t wait for another range session with these… another amazing head release. Well done!!

statechamp Answered question April 15, 2022

Popeye and Britt, any chance you can post some pictures of your Max wedges? What are your thoughts on versatility of the sole? Coming from a 54° F and a 58° K Vokey, I found that the bounce was a little too high to be able to open the face without feeling like the leading edge was going to hit the middle of the ball. I’ve got a 0.90 54° and 1.05 58° being built now and can’t wait to get them in hand.

The pictures have been posted and you can see all the images on our online catalog pages. Pages 210 and 211.
Hard for me to compare to the Vokey simply because I don’t have them in front of me to look at. Personally, I have no issues with the 0.90 sole 52 or 56 leading edge height when opening the blade to the amount I would normally do it when necessary on the turf and sand conditions I usually play in, which I would call neutral to soft most of the time. The 1.05 might present a little more of an issue, but it really depends on how much you open it and the turf and sand conditions you’re hitting them from. I know Pete, on our staff here, is a good player that uses the 54 and 58 1.05 sole and loves them. The MAX wedges do not have a relief grind on the soles heel section that is what you would usually see on a specialty wedge that was designed for opening up, a lot, and hitting off of tighter lies or firm to hard turf surfaces. Our TSW wedges are designed more for the neutral to firmer turf conditions. Also, your attack angle and technique have a lot to do with it. I think, like any club us players try, you will just have to evaluate once you get them. My guess is they will work great.
Britt Lindsey