Looking to reshaft my ping I20 irons. Currently have the OEM TFC169 R soft stepped one club. I did try them soft stepped 2 clubs, but a noticeable loss of control.   Ive been losing height and some distance. Mostly looking for more height.   Reading the Q and A’s on Golfworks I see the 65’s play much softer, as much as one flex. Also read a comment from Jim on the TFC 169 ping shaft “I do know the weight was in the mid to upper 70 gram weight range and it was a fairly low torque shaft” . I did hit the 65 R recoils in a buddy’s Cleveland High launch Halo XL irons – too high.  And I understand I’d likely get a lower flight with 65 Recoils in the I20’s than in the HL Cleveland’s.
Looking at the different recoils in the 65-70 gram range.  While my objective is to hit the ball higher, I would want to avoid ballooning.  I do hit some knock down and low fade and draw trouble shots and would want to retain that ability.  Driver swing speed is ~85mph. Handicap 8, gone up from 3 in the last 5 years.    I’d benefit from additional damping if the shaft performed for me.

What are the differences compared to each other,  of the Recoil shafts @65-70 grams that I listed in the title? And your comments of which one might be the best for me given my comments?
I do note that some of those shafts are special order in the .355 tip, and the Recoil 65’s cost quite a bit more than the others.



Britt Lindsey Answered question November 28, 2022

Update, the shaft in those Cleveland’s I hit are 760 ES, not the 65’s. And a typo, I said “too high”, should read “not too high”.