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I have a question regarding the GW1040 Loft/Lie Measurement Gauge. Actually it has to do with most Loft/Lie Measurement Gauges when checking specs on Drivers/Woods.

When I place the Head in the gauge, I set it up so the centerline of the gauge is aligned with the horizontal center of the clubface (measure width of face and divide by two and mark it with a sharpie). I then adjust the gauge accordingly as well as the base centerline so that my business cards are equidistant from the centerline of the head and base. At that point, I can determine the lie angle from the Vernier scale on the gauge.

I then measure the height of the head, divide by two and mark that point with a sharpie for the center of the clubface. The intersection of the two sharpie marks determine where to measure the effective loft of the head.

What I am puzzled about, is how do I know if the clubface is square? Do I use the face angle gauge as I do with Irons? Do I position the face angle gauge so the two tips are equidistant from centerline, and 0-degree face angle? Is the clubface square in the gauge at that point?

My concern is, if the Clubhead is not square, it will affect my (effective) loft reading, especially if the head actually has an open or closed face.

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