I know that in general clubmakers dont remove weight from a head, instead they use the heaviest head as the baseline, and build the set around that. Easier to add weight than remove.

However, i have good reasons for wanting to remove half to 1 gram from a 2 Maltby DBM heads,  i am replacing these into an already MOI built set and my calculations and data support my need.

So just drill a little out of the hosel without affecting the original .370 hosel depth i need to remain the same,  is that OK?

I have a very skilled steelworker that can do it for me, so thats not an issue.

theblake7 Posted new comment April 11, 2022

Not a problem. Start with an 1/8″ bit and graduate to a 1/4. Can also shave the hosel length down or drill holes into the base of the cavity.
That 1/2 gram will save you about 5-6 kg/cm2 which is a minimal amount unless your trying to get inside the 1% which is exceptable when MOI matching.

thanks for the tip – yeah you understand what I am getting it. The two existing clubs concerned are already over my target MOI by 1% and these slightly heavier heads would end up being 2% over. I figure its worth the effort.

If i had of checked my clubbuilding notes, i would have realised this scenario and organised handpicked heads, thats what notes are for….. apparently!