This is a strange one. A customer wants a set of Maltby irons, on their set of FSTs. Upon removing the older heads, and drilling out the old epoxy in the shaft, I noticed that I could not fit a ram rod through the shaft. I removed a couple of grips to investigate. There appears to be some blockage in these shafts. I immediately thought it would be pro soft insert. It’s not.
it appears to be some foam material possibly used as a make shift insert.
I heated the portion of the shaft that appears to have this strange goop, and it did melt. I’d like a pristine inside of the shaft.
Here’s my idea.  Because it is a foam substance, I might be able to drizzle a little acetone down the shaft to loosen up this up. Good idea? Bad idea?

ps .. the strangest shaft interior I’ve ever seen is a totally plugged shaft of unknown putty material. I an only surmise someone wanted a heavier shaft as a training aid. All quite strange.

so back to the McGyvor acetone idea. Might it work.  Thanks


Bill Posted new comment September 1, 2023

talk to the customer and see if he knows what it is. I agree with Britt, replace the shafts. Depending on where the stuff is at in the shafts, might be a bear to swing weight these!
need for it to vent when installing the heads. I would recommend:
49 1/2″ Long Drill Bit – 7/32″ Bit Size
The GolfWorks SKU: GW1045

Thanks. The guys oblivious to what it could be. I’m thinking this is a home made vibration dampener. Sure is strange though. I think I can get a decent amount removed. Here really likes the FST. I feel what he really means is the softness of the FST regular.
I’m going to get him to try him with a Score shaft, and trim between a Regular and Seniors.
Riafoone, that’s one long drill bit!