I’ve got a Taylormade M3 with a drilled out hosel, which means using the supplied bolt you can’t tighten the bolt into the adapter correctly. I’ve tried to attach a photo but keep getting an error message, the Taylormade bolt will tighten but the head comes a tiny bit loose after 20 hits. I tried a bolt with a bigger head but although lasted longer before coming loose same result, it looks to me like it need a collar on the bolt I’m lost after grinding a bolt head to fit. Wondering if you have experienced anything like this before and is a solution possible, my last thought is glue the adapter in the head, would this work. Appreciate your thoughts, cheers Colin…

Britt Lindsey Answered question December 21, 2021

was the hosel drilled out, or was the bolt hole drilled out?

I believe it’s the bolt hole, when I put a bolt from another Taylormade driver into it it tightens but became loose after 7-8 hits. The bolt I then used had a bigger head that I ground down to fit, I got alot more hits before it became loose but I think the swing and impact causes it to become loose. I asked because others must have had this problem and I wondered if they had a solution, appreciate your feedback. Thanks

I think the head is hosed. there’s not much of a shoulder for the head of the bolt to butt up against. If it’s drilled out, the bolt head probably just wants to pull through. Just a matter of time before the head flies off and hopefully doesn’t hit anyone. I recommend epoxy it into your best setting and go with it.
Good Luck