I asked how this could be repaired previously because the hosel had been drilled out and was told really all you can do is glue the adapter in, please understand I’m not saying your advice was no good I just want to suggest that Kiwi ingenuity has won the day. To be fair you didn’t have the head to look at and only what explanation I gave you, anyway I discussed this problem with a friend and He came up with this idea of using a polymer clay product called Kneed. The photo shows the end result, my friend is a retired Accountant but his Father was a Design Engineer who wanted his son to follow his passion but while interested my friend wanted to work in the office lol. I’ve hit 20 balls so far with no discernible movement but time will tell, we’re very chuffed that we’ve got a result which is down to my friend really. He knew I wanted not to glue the adapter because I like to tinker with the adapter adjustments, anyway I’ve got a M3 for a quarter of the price that played 12yards behind my SIM driver which I’m thrilled about but can I get more out of it? Thanks for being here and answering my questions, it’s great for me to have this luxury. Cheers Colin..

Britt Lindsey Answered question January 31, 2022

Interesting, how long did you bake it? Did you bake the entire head? Did it stand up to the 40″lb of torque from the torque tool?
I’d be willing to give it a try on my personal driver.

Left for 2 days because we were busy, product used is called “Kneed” in NZ. Used a different length bolt with same thread but needs Allen key. So it’s tight but don’t know to what degree of torque, I will keep hitting 20ish balls each day and see what happens…