Bear with me, I live on a small island off the coast of NZ. We don’t have access to club repairs etc so I’ve been doing grips and the occasional shaft for members of our very small local golf club. I’m no expert! I have a broken shaft on a Taylormade superfast 2.0 3 wood. It’s an original graphite shaft. I’ve done a couple of steel shafts but not sure how to replace the graphite? I’m guessing heating the shank to remove the broken part of the shaft isn’t the way to go? Any help gratefully appreciated.

Britt Lindsey Answered question June 1, 2021

since you don’t need to save the shaft, you can probably pull it like you do a steel shaft. If it’s broken off at or near the hosel (shank) the “broken shaft extractor” tool (GW0025) would allow you to get a bite on it. Something like this can be fashioned from stuff from the hardware store. Failing that, you can drill it out.
I believe the hosel on the superfast is painted, so I would use a heat gun vs a torch. Good luck.