I am replacing shafts in both a TM RBZ 3W which had a RBZ MATRIX OZIK X-CON-5 shaft which was driven over and broke at the hosel.  Also need to find a similar shaft for a GS-X Power Bilt 10.5 Driver which was in the same bag.

Britt Lindsey Answered question October 11, 2021

Try this link for the Taylormade/Ozik shaft, you’ll need to know what flex.

the powerbilt shaft that was in your club was a unifit type (fit everyone supposedly). Whether it was a .335 tip or .350 tip, I’m not sure. Hopefully someone else on the forum can let you know. I would suspect it is an R flex of some sort. their website lists The Golf Works (note the space, not sure if it is the same as THE GOLFWORKS) as a vendor of some sort, no phone number but you can contact them at support@powerbilt.com.
Good Luck