Hi, have Callaway Rogue driver, FW, 3+, 4, and 7.

all bought at separate times. Was fitted for driver with Synergy 60 stiff, 3+ and 4 with EvenFlow 75 stiff, and 7 wood with Synergy Reg.

Yes, a mishmash.

Driver, in play not great, too much spin and loss of distance.  Bought a 65 Evenflow stiff  and it’s working well. Driver solved.

The 3+ and 4, hitting them pretty well, might be a tad stiff.

7 wood, no good, way too soft, flight very high and short.

So, I need to fix the 7. Have a spare 65 Evenflow stiff driver shaft that I’m contemplating tipping to the right frequency and putting in the 7.

On further thought, I’m thinking of putting the spare 65 Evenflow in the 3+ and going to a frequency between stiff and regular, putting the 3+ shaft in the 4 appropriately frequency matching to the 3+ and using the 4 shaft in the 7, with the appropriate frequency  matching to the 3+ and 4.

Is the 65 Evenflow that much different than the 75? I’m confident that moving the shafts from the 3+ to the 4 and the 4 to the 7 will be fine.

Just not sure about putting the 65 in the 3+.

FYI, driver swing speed is 85-90 and hcp is 9.