I have a Ping G10 24 degree hybrid in R flex that I want to replace with a senior flex shaft.  I believe the hozel is .355 (not positive).  Am I limited in selection of hybrid shafts with .355 tip.  Does the G10 hybrid require a special ferrule?

From the OEM shaft chart for Ping, it looks like it does use a taper tip (.355) shaft, but also that it requires a special order for the Aldila Gamer shaft. (Here’s the link: https://www.golfworks.com/images/art/Ping.pdf)
I’m sure Jim or Britt will answer in greater detail on Monday. Michael

I would suspect the G10 probably uses a collared ferrule. Not necessary, but it does give a bit more protection.
I recently reshafted some ping G hybrids and reamed them out to .370 to accept some UST Proforce V2 hybrid shafts. Alot more selection in the .370 vs .355.

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