Hello, I am looking to understand how the lower BBGM of Maltby heads (specifically TS3 and TS4) affect shafts pulled from other brands of irons (Mizuno, Titleist, etc) if I use them on the Maltbys

I understand that for example, it’s not recommended to build a TS4 4-GW set with shafts from other 4-GW set of another manufacturer as it will play different, not sure if stiffer or softer. Read that maybe a good idea is to soft step, reusing the 3-PW from another brand into the 4-GW Maltby.

How true is this and how should I go with trying this vs getting brand new shafts?

statechamp Answered question November 25, 2023

Britt mentioned earlier that by soft stepping and not adding extensions the clubs would play 1/3 flex less (if memory serves me correctly). if you don’t adjust head weight.
adding length (extensions) not adjusting head weight, overall cpm (measured from the butt) would decrease, the cpm of the shaft measured in relationship to to the head (ie. 11″, 16″, etc to the clubhead remains the same).
My game isn’t good enough to distinguish between 1/3 flex – a full flex.

When in doubt (and if it’s going to get into your head when you’re standing over a shot), replace the shafts :-)