Hello.   I’m looking to reshaft my 2018 Callaway rogue fairways currently with Evenflow blue 6.0.   When I got them in 2018, they were very good, however as the last 4 years have passed, they are now too stiff for me.  I can still hit good shots if I lean on them and my timing is right.
Recently I pulled out an old set of FW’s from the cellar, 2008? Cleveland Launcher FW with Fit on M Gold reg shafts and have played pretty well with them .  But a somewhat loose and high.  I’m thinking Of the Kuro Kage Black HBP 2nd gen in R flex.  Would this be a good option?   I’m now 85mph speed with the driver and 8 Hdcp, up from much lower years ago.

Second question, I play several KZG hybrids with Pro Launch HL Blue reg shafts ( Adam’s pullouts) , they’re fine, but again, too high launch.  So I’m thinking the Kuro Kage Black 2nd Gen iron shafts in reg which have a little more torque than the hybrid equivalent, which I think would help with my transition.  Does this make sense?

Looking forward to your advice.

Bang69 Posted new comment April 18, 2022

I should add that I’m looking at the 57 gram Black 2nd Gen Wood shafts.

I’m 71 so interested in how you work this out, I have a Taylormade SIM driver which I’ve tried with a reg stiff xstiff shaft and I’ve got a 20+ years old Warrior driver with a Harrison stiff-ish shaft and the warrior driver I’m hitting very close to the SIM. Because I hit the warrior driver so well and it’s a 46.5 inches I’ve lengthened the SIM but still not much difference in distance and dispersion, the warrior is 7.5deg loft so I as a mug golfer have no idea why the warrior with its age and specs works great so much so I’m thinking sell the SIM lol. Good luck, cheers Colin