I did a shaft fitting about 2 years ago and this shaft was recommended (Atmos Blue non-tour 6 stiff). Due to health reasons I could not golf since then.

I’m finally back and hopefully will be able to get back out there after a long break.

I can’t find the Blue anywhere. If I give the specs from Fujikuras website can someone recommend a shaft of similar profile?

im stuck on the atmos blue cause during the shaft fitting I was recommended the KBS C taper lites for my irons and I was crushing them before my health issues. So I kinda want to stay with what was recommended.

Atmos Blue

46 length
65 weight
110 Tip flex
87 Butt flex
4.5 torque
3.0 parallel tip
.610 butt dia
M/L bend point
M launch
M spin


snowman9000 Answered question March 14, 2022

this link should get you close to some of the specs. in regards to Fuji’s tip and butt flex, that’s their own info and don’t know how they arrive at that number.
wasn’t able to find the shaft profile in Wishon’s new shaft selector program either. Good Luck, you could also contact Fujikura and ask what they have that’s comparable.

Thanks for posting that chart. That’s what I was using to compare, as well as Fujikura web site. Then I remembered this forum Lol.

Golfworks didn’t carry the blue non-tour, they carry the red non-tour. I was trying to go through Fujikuras website and comparing the specs from the blue. The closest it comes too is the Motore X F35. But on that chart you posted it shows a firm tip. Don’t know if that what the blue was.