I have 10+ years shafting irons so not an expert but I have been around the block. Ran into something for the first time and need some help. Bought a set of irons recently and noticed two of the clubs have shafts not sitting straight in the hosels. Not a big deal thinking I could pull them and reassemble using shafting beads to line everything up. When I pulled the shafts, cleaned them up, and cleaned out the hosels, I found that the inside of the hosels are not straight. Shafts are not bent in any way. Just seems like the inside of the hosels were manufactured with flaws not allowing the shafts to sit straight. It is creating a few degrees of upright lie angle from what I can see which is unfortunately because I play 2 flat. These are .355 tapers and the fit is good without very much wiggle room. Any ideas on what I can do? Is drilling out the inside of the hosels and option? Seems like this might create too much wiggle room and not allow the shaft to affix to the walls of the hosels properly even with shafting beads. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you.

Bang69 Answered question October 11, 2021

I’d be interested in knowing the brand/model heads this occurred in and compare actual lie angles to spec lie angles. If they’re able to be bent I don’t think the angle the hosels are bored would be a concern.
I’ve reamed out a lot of heads (.355 to .370), but since this is at an angle, I would be concerned my skill set (and drill press) would be lacking. Best is take it to a machine shop and let them do the work. You could open them up (ensure they’re straight) to .370 and use SHIMT to fit the shaft.

Thanks for the comment. These are Wilson Staff D7 Forged irons. I think I can sneak a bit back towards straight with shafting beads but it will not be perfect and the shaft will be sitting at an angle in the hosel especially if I apply some pressure to influence the set angle in the hosel.

those wilson’s would bend easy.
machine shop would probably cost you $20 (maybe a pizza also) for both heads .