Brett (or any others), I’m in serious need of advice! I’ve played Maltby for decades and have built a great many Maltby clubs for others. I’m now in the 80s (age, not score!) and the distance has diminished drastically. My current irons are STi with MPF Pro Series in A flex. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of distance when I went to this combination and I suspect the shaft is a poor fit for me at this age. I’m tempted to give the new KE4 Max a try (the pics look great!). I’m at a loss as to what shaft to try. MPF890? Any advice would be truly appreciated. (Also, can the KE4Max be bent 2 degrees upright?) And thanks for making this forum available.

flacoman954 Answered question March 31, 2022

Hi Niblick – in the Q&A JimY states the KE4 Max can be bent 2* for loft and lie. 

As far as distance I’ve had best results by reducing shaft weight, especially if trajectory is good. I’m currently looking at Aerotech FT500 Volant iron shafts at 55 grams or so. Also, I believe the MPF shafts you currently play are somewhat on the stiff side
Good luck in your search.