The golf club world is funny at times especially in the iron department is seems like most companies at  Every inerration of the new irons (blade’s or player’s cavity back) the blade length seems to get shorter more squat which lessons the hitting area making it where you have to absolutely middle it every single time,  where as it’s only a handful of irons where the blade length is longer which to me inspires more confidence and more surface area leaving a little wiggle room for errors. I have seen some tour players( not all ) put irons in that are really small to hit with moderate success but then go on and put a bigger or slightly bigger iron in (blade length higher toe etc ) and win !!! To me I would, if making blade’s or players cavity,  better players heads make 2 versions one short squat head heel to toe and then one longer blade heel to toe now both party’s are satisfied players who still like classic looks topline and offset wise just 2 different blade lengths ,,,,,

Britt Lindsey Answered question January 13, 2022