I’m 54, been playing since I was 13, weekly over the last 25 years.  Have always used stiff flex graphite in my driver, fairway woods and hybrids.  However, I’ve recently taken the driver out of my bag because I simply cannot hit it consistently…one left, the next right, maybe 3 out of 10 in the fairway.  I decided that 210 down the middle of the fairway with my three wood would have to suffice.

And now my epiphany.  This week I played with my regular group, which includes two guys in their 70’s both who play A-flex shafts in their drivers and fairway woods.  As we made the turn, I asked one of them if I could try their driver.  It is a Ping G15, 10.5, with a UST Mamiya 560 (ML Wilson Proprietary) shaft.  I used it on 7 of the nine holes, hit EVERY fairway, most were center cut 230+ yards.  It felt like a warm knife through butter!

But hey, I’m a healthy, very athletic 54-years young (still lift weights three days a week, and do 30 minute cardio on the others), and my swing speed is around 90 mph.  EVERYONE has always told me “Oh, you’re on the cusp of Regular or Stiff, so play which ever you think feels best.”   I think I’m playing the wrong shafts!  Your thoughts?