I recently had a bag fitting and was recommended to play the Ping i525 irons with project x lz 6.0 shafts.  The price i was quoted was too expensive to fit my budget.  I was wondering if any of the shaft /head combinations that are available for maltby irons (perhaps one of the new releases) would give similar results to what I was fit into?  Thanks in advance.

Britt Lindsey Answered question January 23, 2023

just a general comment….
MPF is very low on the i525 (MPF-327). My concern is it’s very high VCOG of .911 which is above the CL of the golf ball (.830). MOI is high which is a good point, and the c-dimension is reasonable. Not a club that I believe would fit my ability level.
it’s classified as a better players distance iron, so in that aggreate I would GUESS, TS line that is out and on it’s way would be a good choice. Since CC matched you up with the i525, i would guess you’ve got a good skill set. That being the case I would think any of the current TS models (TS1 or 2 polymer filled) or the new models which are come out soon (TS 3 or 4) would be to your liking.
TS2’s (MA0294) match up pretty close to the lofts of the i525, and they should be more forgiving. Might want to order a single iron give it a try before purchasing an entire set. Ensure you match shafts also.
Good luck – i525 is a good looking head