Hello.  I am considering having the Golfworks crew build a set of irons using the Maltby Sti2 heads with 2 lengths:

1) GW, PW, 9, & 8 iron at 36.5 inches (my current 9 iron)

2) 7, 6, 5 irons at 37.5 (my current 7 iron)

I have done an excel spreadsheet with the specs of the Golf Pride MCC grips and UST Recoil 680 SC graphite shafts and I believe using up to 10g tip weights in the long irons, the swing weights will range from about a D0 (5 iron) to D6 (GW).  Give or take of course.

I will have the ability soon to measure and change loft and lie, so I hopefully will be able to gap the set reasonably.

I would like anyone’s opinion on the idea of building a set of “2-length” irons with a conventional set of heads like the Sti2 and if there are any playability issues I might be overlooking?  Obviously, the goal is to get a set with MORE playabilty than a set with 5-6 different length irons.  I shoot in the mid to low 80’s and am looking to take the next step….

Britt Lindsey Answered question November 30, 2020

Also, as a followup regarding tip weight. Am I doing myself a dis-service chasing swing weight with tip weights? Moving and possibly raising the CG towards the hosel with tip weights will negatively affect playabilty…enough to matter is the question I guess?

Being a function over form guy, I could live with some lead tape on the head if it means a better golf club.

You might want to consider using the KE4-S or KE4 Tour+ as they have weight ports and you can purchase varying weights. In addition, you can sneak in a bit more weight under the screws.
I’ve used these heads in the past as well as the KE4-U30’s to build MOI matched sets and they performed great.
As far as dual length sets, think you’ll find it somewhat short of what you are trying to accomplish, but would be interested if you could post some results when you finish.