so the first thing I noticed is there like 70 points away from each other as far as mpf is concern. but I know dbm is 5 step forging compared to form forging mmb. I currently play the vapor pro which is at a 235… but the moi is like at a 16 which seems  to be super high compared to the 11.89 mmb and 12 for the dbm.


is the dbm softer then the mmb and if so by how much would you say, also which would generate more spin… I know it is based on angle of attack, but I know a cast iron like a ping g400 wont generate as much spin as a vapor pro blade on your shorter irons.  so is the dbm softer and which one will spin more?

also i notice they are forged with 2 different types of carbon steel is one naturally softer than the other?

also it notes the DMB finish is chemically implanted so there is no finish layer thickness added to the exterior finish as with nickel chrome finishes. Because the grooves are machined into forged iron heads prior to finishing, the DBM finish actually increases the productivity of the grooves vs. chrome finishes by eliminating this outer finish layer.  so does that mean this finish automatically helps the ball spin more just by finish alone?