I recently went to a demo event and hit some blade’s Srixon z star and Ben hogan icon blade’s and they feel amazing I found that the V sole grind that they have or similar V grinds really helps with turf interaction and believe me there was a difference nice divot clips and not  Sasquatch footprints,  does this also assist in high Mpf turf interaction ? Second question is really more cosmetic (personal preference) I have always been a fan of blade’s that look  Balanced Tiger Woods irons where the toe and heel match (  Maltby TS 1 ) Callaway mb forged or Mizuno mp 5 etc opposed to a Mizuno 919 or Srixon line or other irons similar where the toe is different (chunky toe) from the heel not saying it doesn’t work is there a reason for that style of head ,is it there way maybe to put weight on the toe opposed to tungsten,,,,,  Hey Britt what do like to see a more box type square blade or more rounded I kinda like the square look?

theblake7 Answered question May 25, 2021