I had an opportunity to hit the Srixon z945 blades and the Srixon 965 blades and they felt phenomenal,  my question is looking at the back of both heads and on the toe side of the srixon,s  if looking at the toe side they don’t have a lot of mass behind them like that of a Mizuno mp 69 or a Mizuno mp 4 blades or other blades out there with a thicker muscle pad area. In the Srixon its not till you get almost to the bottom of the club closer to the sole is where they pick up some mass its pretty slim from the top almost to the bottom, I always thought the thicker the muscle pad better the feel could you maybe explain,  and also they are for a blade they are a bit bigger than other blades  higher toe and heel longer blade length  which gives me a boost in confidence,,,,,,