Hey there,

How long would a moderately used (2 rounds a week, say) set of stainless steel irons stay in adjustment? These are the old Glider Xs that has short hozels. They seem to be pretty close and been used steady for 5 years. I was able to find a new set from one of this forums contributors so I know the age. I don’t trust myself or anyone else to try it. What does anybody think. Thanks.

those old gliders are definitely a sweeper style and with the short hosel shouldn’t bend much. the folks I work with, I check their loft/lie every two years for no cost using a gauge ( i don’t check on loft/lie machine). Then bend any that might be out of spec for a nominal charge (1 club – free, thereafter 4 bucks each club).
they also need to sign a no fault document in the event something snaps. I haven’t broken but two in almost 20 years and they were my own.

Yeah, I snapped an old golfworks blade. 1 iron. I had the 1-11 set. It went from nothing to snap in a heartbeat. Since then a neck and left arm injury has got me off blades. These Glider Xs save my arm and I don’t want to break any that can’t be replaced. Suppose I will adjust length instead of lie. Thanks for input.