I am 50 years old and shoot in the low to mid 90s. I play Callaway Rogues (3d season with them) with TT XP95 R300 steel shafts.

Had a driver fitting for the G425 and picked up considerable distance using a SR shaft even though my swing speed was 92 to 96

Are the pitfalls of putting in an A flex graphite shaft into my Rogues? I would be looking for a shaft that would help mitigate my fade (need to work on my swing, too), but I fear really going at it too much as I get too right-handed.

I want to be able to swing with intent rather than ‘intent to kill’.


dst Answered question February 21, 2021

I have a set of Rogue irons with Apollo Shadow FL R flex shafts. These profile out to be similar to most A flex shafts. These work well for me and my driver swing speed is right at 91mph.
A comparable shaft is the UST Mamiya DHI iron shaft R flex (might be a bit stiffer in the tip) and about 10 grams heavier.
I would recommend the following, reshaft your favorite iron with a DHI and see how you like it (cheap investment).
Or go to a big box store such as Golf Galaxy, Dicks, or PGA***** and hit some mavriks (or rogues if available) with A flex shafts. that should give you a good idea if the move would be a good one.