I recently picked up some steelhead plus heads. According to callaway specs they take .350 tip shafts. But a .335 shaft won’t go thru to the bottom! It’s almost like they’re tapered. Has anyone encountered this before?

Swing_Ping Posted new comment April 23, 2021

I’ll post as a comment so it won’t stop a more credible answer.
1st thought is there a restriction, old epoxy or spacer.
2nd idea is this a blind-bore head (shaft doesn’t actually go all the way to the exit port).
I don’t recall for sure, but this was the first club I reshafted and regripped in 2000. No tools, just a propane torch and some gloves. Caught the head on fire.

No….it’s a bore thru…the dia at the top of the bore is definitely. 335 and the bore dia on the sole is smaller than .335