don’t understand why the STF fairway wood is manufactured with a .5* open face, yet have a draw bias weight. Seems

they would counteract one another?

Currently playing Callaway rogue 4 wood and trying to replace it with a Maltby product. Hit this straight and long.

tried hitting the Ke4 TC fairway #4 and I hang it off to the right frequently which I attribute to the .5* open face as a possibility.

struggling with choosing between the STF with draw bias weight and .5* open face, or the M890 #4 with .5* closed face.

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First thing first, are both clubs the exact same specs (besides the face angle) Same shaft, same lie angle, same length, swing weight?

So to hit a pure draw that means the ball starts right of target and then draws back towards the target. If the ball starts at the target and goes left if target then the face can not have been open to the target.

Thanks statechamp