Beyond the numbers, which I understand, can you offer any insight as to any less tangible differences between these two sets?  For instance, I like a rolled or killed leading edge.  Usually your irons are on the sharper side.  Which doesn’t deter me, I’ll knock down the edges myself, at least on the stainless heads.  Which of these two is more forgiving, leading edge wise?

Do I gather correctly that the STi sole widths from 5 iron to wedges are fairly uniform, like most sets?  Whereas the STi HS have wider soles in the longer irons, progressing to narrower in the short irons and wedges?   (I believe the sole width spec number on the HS has to be a misprint.  Maybe from the hybrid line.  The photo does not show a 1.50 inch sole, for sure.)

Are they both heat-treated the same?

Why are there some 8 gram intervals in the STi head weight specs?

Thanks for any insight!  I’m buying one or the other.